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Pictures of family or at least what I got pictures of

My cousins from left to right - Caleb, Naomi, and Wyndham

Tracy, Mike, and Ross.

This is my new stepbrother Noah and his girl Aaron.  Their son (Zach) is pictured below.

My two new nephews - Zach (left) and Ross (Right) - They are a bit crazy as you can see below.

This would be Ross playing in the mud.

He sure likes the mud.

Zach and his dad (Noah)

Zach and his grandma, my stepmom (Linda) - She spoils him just a bit.  But what is a grandma for anyway.

This is me and Tracy at the wedding of my dad and her mom.

This is Noah and Christine at the same place.

This is Christine and Tracy.  And yes!!!!  They are at the same place.

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