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Funny Stuff

Warning!!! Some (most) pictures and sounds are not intendend for younge audiences.  Also be aware if you have a weak heart because you will probably be laughing your head off.  Thank you and have a nice day.

Picture Files

Beer           Bad Charlie Brown             Charity              
Bad coon dog Don't be chicken Employers/Employees
Exams   When does it feel good                     Female brain
New "Friends" Gifted Gigolo
Goats Baby hot sauce Why you should lock your door in college
Lazy Government workers                    Mastercard Missing keyboard key
Peeking Swinger Pissed off cat Priceless
Quantas flight Naughty rabbit   Reality
Redneck pencil holder Wear your seatbelt Snake map
Let me explain Swimmers Uneven tan line  
Tough morning Uncle Sam wants you.... Web nun
Wish Baby in training Drinking squirrel
Airline instructions Letter to Dr. Ruth New microsoft keyboard
Pissed off baby Video conference PC Upgrade
Funny Road Signs Bull in line Idiot Dog
Men's flow Chart for finding clothes Annual meeting of women drivers Dilemma
We be edumacated... Have just one more beer!!! Handicapped man eating crocodile at bottom
Busch Beer What happens on your desk at night Golf Sign
Make a wish The perfect woman Street Signs
Good Sign Why s wY˙women can't be mechanics Good S.O.S sign
Redneck motorhome Redneck windchimes Redneck horseshoes
Snow People Biker's shirt Bomb technician's shirt
Driving school car ID 10 T Better productivity
Dream Job Police targets Good fishing hole
New Toilet Paper Child Mullet

Wav Files

1adam5 911 call 912
Ebonic Delta Airlines Still got wood New tractor
Ain't got sh#! to do AK-47 And you know this man
Where's the anykey Bad Cat Don't go in the bathroom
Black OJ Blacker than a mother f#!$* too Boomnet
Zip it or I'll break you hip Living in a van down by the river Coochie
Dale alt Dislexic Old Mcdonald Dolphins
Don't ever...ever come by here My advice to you Rude duck
Lookin more like Freddy Jackson How you get fired on you day off Get fired on your day off 2
Which one of you all kicked me Everytime I'm in the kitchen (more) Everytime I'm in the kitchen (less)
You got knocked the f#$! out Hey Mox .... Let's roll Mind control over Debo
Need to hit some a#@ Panty Droppers Smokey talking in Pig Mexican
B&B Pledge of Allegiance Pubic hair Beating like Rodney King
I am so smart Suphomies Taco Bell
Beavis and the toilet They took the bar Fell out of the ..... tree
Twenty twin twin Put some water on that d@#! s@# New windows startup sound (kinda)
Be alot cooler if you did High School Girls What melba toast is packin
Women can't live with them .... You can do it .... What the f$#% man

Misc Files