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Dan's 2000 Grand Prix GTP Ram-Air

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This is my 2000 Grand Prix GTP that was purchased on August 27th, 1999 the week they hit the lots.  I got all the options you could get on it except the Bose 8 speaker system because I like to have full control of the equalizer without the programmed stuff.  A list of the specs for the original car is show in the page linked below.

Original GTP specs

Here are my current mods and most with pictures.

SD Ram-Air hood (functional)
Cold-Air box to port air from hood
Racing Pedals
10-Disc CD Changer
Painted brake calipers
Lights underneath seat and underneath wheels
Reflective Concepts Pontiac sticker
Ram-Air stickers

These are some future mods that I want to make happen.

3.4" Supercharger Pulley
High Flow throttle body
Transmission cooler
Exhaust heat shield to go underneath throttle body
High flow exhaust
ODB-II scanner tool

Here is my new SD Ram-Air hood made by ASCD


Here is a picture of the old air box and one of the new one.


Before                                        After

New racing pedals.


Here are pics of the cd chager installation.


Controller in place of ash tray                     Changer in trunk

Brake calipers and rotors painted red and silver with high temp paint.


Before                                                After  

New reflective concepts pontiac sticker inserts.


Daytime                                              Nighttime

Ram-Air stickers!!!


Hood                                        Under Badge                              On Windshield