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MP3 Audio


MP3 is a compressed CD Audio Quality sound file. And even though it is so compressed, it still sounds as good as the original file that it was compressed from. Also with this data reduction by using Layer 3, one minute of CD Quality stereo music needs only around 1 MB, without audible degradation. Otherwise it would be taken a 12 MB storage capacity.  For playing these files, you need special software for decoding the audio stream. For WIN95 get the MP3 player WinAmp.  I think it's the best. It has the coolest features from all MP3 players around.

You can get this player at  Also get some of the skins and plugins too. They are cool.

So, with MP3 a CD-ROM may contain over 10 hours CD Quality stereo music!

If you want to make your own Mp3z from a cd then read below or if not then got down to the links.

Making an Mp3

All you need is recorder that will make a WAV file form a cd, and an encoder that will make this wav file to MP3 file.

Now let's say that you recorded a song from your CD , the wav file that you made will be between 30-60 MB because you recorded it in the best quality.  Now after you did the hard work, its time for the easy part.  All you have to do is download an mp3 compressor for windows here and install the program.  It is so easy to figure out how to take a wav file and make it an mp3 file that anyone can do it.  After the mp3 file is made then you can delete the wav file to save space.  You can delete the wav file now.