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This page is devoted to tractor pulling and the Bounds/Pickering Pulling Team.

Tractor Pulling is a sport that I have loved ever since I was a little kid.  I even love it more now that I actually compete against other fellow pullers.  If you don't know what tractor pulling is, I will give you a brief description.

Tractor pulling consists of a tractor pulling a mechanical sled on a dirt track that is typically 300 feet long.  The sled usually weighs around 35,000 pounds and starts off easy but gets harder to pull as a moveable weight box which starts out over the wheels moves over a metal pan that creates tremendous friction to slow and eventually stop the pulling vehicle usually short of the 300 feet mark.  The distance is measured and placings are dependant on who pulled the sled the furthest.  If a vehicle pulls the sled further than 300 feet, that is called a "Full Pull".  If two or more people make a "Full Pull", those competitors will perform what is known as a "Pull Off" with heavier weight on the sled to decide who pulls that the furthest.  In general, that is what Tractor Pulling is.

The Bounds/Pickering Pulling Team consists of my dad (Gary Bounds), my uncle (Doyle Bounds), my cousin (Sam Bounds), myself (Dan Bounds), and three partners/friends from Grant City, MO (Carol, Doug, and Brad Pickering).  We are members of the Northwest Missouri Tractor Pullers Association (NWMTPA).

Here are pictures of the tractors that we team up to pull.

Click Here for more pictures of our tractors and team.


Dan and Sam Bounds - Agent Orange (Limited Pro-Stock)


Bounds/Pickering #1   "Missouri Mule"


Bounds/Pickering #2

To check out how we are doing in 2000 in the NWMTPA (Northwest Missouri Tractor Pullers Association) points standings, click below.  Bounds/Pickering is us in the 8200 lb. and 9200 lb. Non-Turbo classes.

NWMTPA points

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If you have any questions e-mail me here and I will try to get back to you.  Also send me your links to put on here.